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  • What does Lifting Uncaged give me that other plans don't?
    Lifting Uncaged provides workouts and tips every week so you'll never be stuck wondering what to do next.
  • Who is Lifting Uncaged designed for?
    Lifting Uncaged is designed for anyone that wants to build a lean, muscular physique.
  • Can women follow Lifting Uncaged?
    Absolutely. The same principles for building lean, muscular bodies exist for males and females.


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Program overview

Lifting Uncaged begins with a benchmarking phase to help you set goals and measure your progress. With this baseline in place, you'll lay the groundwork for success in the Hell Fire phase.

Hell Fire is a two week rite of passage. The workouts will test your mental strength and commitment. You'll have to prove you have the burning desire to build a lean, muscular physique.

After Hell Fire, we provide workouts each week directly to your inbox, coaching you through ways to maximize your results. These include tips on form, nutrition, mindset, joint health, and recovery — all important factors that contribute to success. With Lifting Uncaged, you're never stuck wondering what to do next.

Invest yourself in Lifting Uncaged and we guarantee you'll see results. Use the button below to get started, and subscribe above for our workouts and tips.

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